Supply chain management is in our blood.

Our family has been working with logistics and supply chain management for decades. The attention-to-detail, problem-solving mindset, and, above all, dedication to service needed to solve complex logistics challenges were imbued into us early on.


Leading the way in exceptional service with Co-Founders Robert and Andrew Faith and COO Patrick O’Loughlin

We’re committed to delivering exceptional service every day. We have a passion of transforming this industry by running this company with integrity and turning that into value for those who ship with us, our carriers, and our employees.


Interested in working at Regiment?

We’re looking for team members who love solving complex problems, have uncompromising ethics, and get the job done. In exchange, you can expect:

Competitive pay and commission structures

Leadership that values your professional growth

Remote working positions

A culture of transparency and openness


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What is a Transportation Management System (TMS) and Why Should You Use One?

Whether you ship as part of a large company with a vast network, a medium sized company that ships to different parts of the country, or a small business that ships moderately, a TMS can help you stay organized while helping you make better shipping decisions so your dollar can go further.   In this post, we will define what a TMS is, we will give you a few reasons why you should use one, and how to get started with a TMS today. What is a TMS? A TMS is a specialized

Patrick O’Loughlin Feb 18

5 Mistakes You Are Making on LTL Shipping

You are not providing the correct shipping informationYou are not quoting with multiple LTL CarriersYou are not considering accessorialsYou are not securing your freight properlyYou are not using a TMS If you ship palletized freight, you are probably making some simple mistakes which affect the effectiveness of your supply chain. Utilizing Less than Truckload Shipping, known as LTL, is a industry worth tens of billions of dollars in the United States. While it is only a small fraction of

Patrick O’Loughlin Mar 11

3 Simple Ways to Maximize your LTL Freight Shipping

What is LTL? First, let’s define what LTL is. LTL stands for Less than Truckload shipments that typically weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds. Typically, an LTL shipment will be palletized and will contain anywhere from 1-7 pallets. If your company is involved in e-commerce, wholesale, or manufacturing, chances are your products are shipped via LTL or a mix of LTL, FTL (Full Truckload), or Parcel. Depending on the quantity of each shipment, LTL can be the best way for your goods to be

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