State of Logistics: April 17, 2020

Patrick O'Loughlin Apr 17

The Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the World. It has affected people, families, economies, and the movement and availability of goods. Sporting events have also been cancelled in droves, which has been a big hit for people in the United States and around the world, including myself. Companies such as Amazon have seen their operations changed around the world while other companies find a way to help those in need.

The Important Stuff

  • Over 670,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the US
  • 2.1 million cases globally
  • Global death toll at 146,000, US death toll 33,000
  • President Trump has an agreement in place with State Governors to gradually reopen the country
  • Analysts expect Container Shipping Demand to fall by 10% in 2020

Coronavirus Effect on Logistics

The full effect on Logistics has remained to be seen. That being said, we have already seen a sizable effect.

We have seen the trucking market take a hit, while brave truckers continue to deliver important cargo around the country. Ports have seen less volume as trade demand slows and sailings get cancelled.

  • The amount of loads posted to the Full Truckload spot market has seen a steep decline compared to last year
  • Crews on ships are exhausted and at a higher risk for illness due to travel restrictions as replacement crews cannot travel to man ships
  • While ports in China resume normal operation, other ports have shut down or scaled down operation
  • Trade demand has fallen as economies have taken hits and companies hold onto cash
  • Many ocean sailings will be cancelled around the world, including regional routes.
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Other Coronavirus News

Farmers in China

The production of goods has faced some challenges due to the Coronavirus. Producers, such as Farmers who supply restaurants, have seen a decrease in the amount of their products they have been able to sell to their usual customers.

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According to Jennifer Smith of WSJ, in China farmers have used an app called Pinduoduo to buy and sell foods set to expire soon. The app is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to acquire and sell needed food products. This is important in a time like this as supply chains have been damaged, including for products that are needed at this time.

Amazon in France

Amazon has closed their warehouses in France after a court ruled they cannot ship nonessential goods due to the risk of spreading Coronavirus. The company still plans on shipping nonessential goods to customers in France but to come from other countries.

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The United States has not put the same restrictions on Amazon as the company is still allowed to deliver nonessential goods customers order through their website. I know this because my Cast Iron Skillet is set to deliver tomorrow from Miami.


Internationally, many events have been cancelled or postponed. The British Open, golf’s oldest event and also one of the most prestigious, has been cancelled.

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Below you can find some other notable sports events that have been affected by the Coronavirus.

  • Wimbledon (tennis)
  • Multiple MMA events have been postponed or cancelled
  • The Players Championship (golf) has been cancelled
  • 2020 Olympics in Japan will take place in 2021
  • The Masters (golf) will be played in the Fall
  • The seasons of the NBA, MLB, Premier League, Champions League, Formula 1
  • Former world champion Anthony Joshua’s next Boxing bout
  • The UEFA Euros and Copa America (International Soccer)